I really wish I had a relationship and/or sex therapist. Because I don't know why I get freaked out if my boyfriend masturbates near by if I am not in the mood. Logically, mentally, I don't care if he uses porn, or if he masturbates, that's all fine, after all, sometimes I do too. But I feel so weird . . . 


I also wish there was someone I could talk to about my ex-boyfriend. Some of the things I've realized, sort of thing. If his name comes up between my current boyfriend and I, it's not exactly weird, but it does sometimes feel strained? Like I start wondering if he's wondering if I am comparing the two of them, or I have to watch what I say about my ex because what if he takes it to heart and thinks that he should never do x, y, z that my ex did because it affected me then


But I need to analyze what happened then. And he doesn't seem to understand that?

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