I'm really trying not to get defensive and snappy, I don't like being that person, it stops communication, but also that you have talking to my mom more than you have me shows that like her, you don't trust me and don't want to bother asking my opinion or why I am doing what I'm doing or even ask me how it feels to be stuck like this. She has her perspective, and she's not wrong. You have your perspective, and it's not wrong. I just have an issue with that you wouldn't talk to me until I bugged you enough and then all you do is come up with something that mom says.


What about benefit of the doubt? I'm not perfect, and sure, I've been acting differently recently, and I've messed up recently, but is this how you treat a first or second offense? I'd hate to see what you all do to people who do worse than I. Excommunicate them? If you believe that I'm going to crash and burn, fine. It'll just give me more motivation to succeed. But I'm seriously tired of this condemnation without trial. And I'm not going to go over there and force my presence upon someone who doesn't even bother to ask me what's going on before jumping down my throat. So don't worry, I won't bother you anymore. I am trying to get out of everyone's hair so that maybe someday I can come back and prove to you all that I am capable, and smart, and I do have more common sense than apparently no one except my ex boyfriend actually thinks I have. 

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